My research intertwines philosophy of physics, general philosophy of science, and metaphysics of science. I’m mainly focused on three research areas.
[1] I’m interested in understanding how scientific theories are related and what’s the best way to model relations of reduction and emergence in science, especially in physics. I’m working on a framework called functional reduction, both rebooting David Lewis’ model and developing a new approach called Semantic Functional Reduction. Functional reduction is a local approach to reduction that improves on existing alternatives and is compatible with emergence [SEP]. I apply it in several contexts, including the reduction of thermodynamics, classical mechanics, and biochemical entities.
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[2] I'm interested in foundational issues in thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. I’m working on the applicability of statistical mechanics and thermodynamics to unconventional domains, particularly gravitating systems like globular clusters of stars. These theories help us understand the behaviour of these systems, but the standard application of concepts like equilibrium is problematic. Probing the physics of these atypical systems leads us to reconsider the very foundations of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.
[3] I’ve been working on various topics within the ontology of quantum mechanics, particularly on the physical meaning of the quantum wavefunction. I explored the latter topic in the context of collapse theories and Bohmian mechanics, worked on the application of Ontic Structural Realism to quantum mechanics, and developed a functionalist account to recover three-dimensional objects from the quantum wavefunction within wavefunction realism.
You can find my publications and work-in-progress papers here.